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Your single biggest expense.

Taxes are your single biggest expense. A recent article in Forbes noted that and estimated 9 out of 10 business owners are overpaying on their taxes. This is unfortunately the unintentional result of a profession. Very little is being offered in the way of proactive planning. Most tax and accounting professionals account for your income and expenses in a reactionary manner. Did you have a good year?Congratulations, now pay the tax. Sound familiar?

A growing number of credentialed tax preparers are looking to provide proactive planning services to their business owner clients. If you are a business owner and are paying taxes, contact us to see if you are among the estimated 90% who might be over-paying. The United States progressive tax code was designed from inception to reward the endeavors. If you are taking risks to grow a business, provide jobs, produce goods and services to our country, you are entitled to all the benefits the tax code provides. You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to receive tax relief.

Calculating business expenses

How It Works



Meeting with one of our Planning Coordinators is the first step. Our Coordinators will pair you up with the appropriate member of our team based on the size and type of business you're currently operating. We will conduct a discovery discussion to gain context into the specifics of your entity structuring & how capital flows through to the owners. If during that discussion we uncover any inefficiencies, we will likely request a review of your tax documents.



Our Senior Planning Team will conduct a comprehensive review of your tax documents along with the notes from our Planning Coordinator to determine any areas being missed by the current tax positions. If there is a significant amount of savings available, we will circle back for another discussion with the business owner(s) to drill further into which opportunities best suit the facts & circumstances discussed during the assessment meeting.



If our planning approach is in alignment with the goals and objectives of our business owner(s), we will offer an engagement. Our cost structure is typically offered in a retention format. We will make a determination of what resources we will need to engage to produce our result. We will place a contractual guarantee on our tax savings commitment over a predefined time-frame. From there, if the math makes sense we’ll leave it to the decision makers to complete their due diligence and decide.

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