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Your single biggest expense.

Taxes are your single biggest expense. A recent article in Forbes noted that and estimated 9 out of 10 business owners are overpaying on their taxes. This is unfortunately the unintentional result of a profession. Very little is being offered in the way of proactive planning. Most tax and accounting professionals account for your income and expenses in a reactionary manner. Did you have a good year?Congratulations, now pay the tax. Sound familiar?

A growing number of credentialed tax preparers are looking to provide proactive planning services to their business owner clients. If you are a business owner and are paying taxes, there is a 90% chance you might be over paying. The United States progressive tax code was designed from inception to reward the endeavors. If you are taking risks to grow a business, provide jobs, produce goods and services to our country, you are entitled to all the benefits the tax code provides. You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to receive tax relief.

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Tax Planning Services


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A deep dive into your goals and objectives is our starting point. Primarily, what type of gain and how much is the exposure. Much of the planning approach will be driven by the capital requirements of the client. Once a solid understanding of how large the exposure is and what the short and long term needs of the potential liquidity are we will be able to identify all available opportunities within the tax code for deferral or elimination of the tax.



Collaborating with your pre-existing team of advisors and/or providing access to our resource pool we will model out the various scenarios available based on the particulars of your individual circumstances. A thorough understanding of the time and cost commitments needed to produce the desired outcomes will be delivered. Most often, this will include engaging third-party legal and accounting teams.



If the available planning outcomes align with your individual goals and objectives, an engagement will be offered. The cost to engage is subjective and must be measured against your projected outcomes. Our fees are typically structured in a retention format. A properly designed plan typically takes several months and in some cases several years to execute with a variety of collateral professionals working together to accomplish the result.

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